Wednesday, October 27, 2004

2004 Election Theft Followup

BBC Newsnight - Greg Palast's latest video report:

Are Republicans planning to challenge Democratic precinct voters to disrupt, slow down and discourage voting?

Update 10-31: Democracy Now! report and interview with Palast: Secret Document Suggests GOP Preparing to Challenge Black Vote in Florida

Democracy Now! A/V reports:

Making Votes Count: Is a Theft of the 2004 Election Already Underway?

We speak with New York Times editorial writer Adam Cohen about voter suppression and fraud in the 2004 election. From U.S. soldiers being told to use non-secret ballots to the Pentagon counting the votes of the military and U.S. citizens living abroad. From partisan secretaries of state overseeing the election to Homeland Security preventing new U.S. citizens from registering and much more. [includes rush transcript]

Suppression, Fraud and Breakdown: Voting Problems Emerge in States Across the Country

Voters in states across the country have already begun to vote as millions more prepare to head to the polls next week to vote in the 2004 presidential election. We take a look at voter suppression and fraud with a lawyer with the Voting Rights Project, focusing on voter protection, a journalist with the London Independent and an international monitor who was part of a team that has prepared a Pre-Election report. [includes rush transcript]