Friday, October 01, 2004

Bush responsible for hundreds of thousands of mother/child deaths and millions of unwanted pregnancies worldwide

Bush Withholds Money from U.N. Family Planning Fund for 3rd Year in a Row


Scapegoating China, the Bush administration throws sop to his Christian fundamentalist base by withholding funds from UNFPA, thus assuring worldwide during fiscal years 2002-2004:

  • 12,600 maternal deaths

  • 205,200 infant deaths

  • 2,116,800 abortions

  • 5,400,000 unwanted pregnancies
This appears to be what Bush and his regressive fundamentalist base call "family values". It is totally unconscionable and derives from a mindset that is dogmatic, near-sighted, wholly uncompassionate, and disengaged from reality in this world. It is a horrible repeat of George Walker Bush's rapacious devastation of everything he touches.

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