Sunday, October 31, 2004 - Emergency Response to Another Stolen Election

What will you do if Republican partisans steal the presidential election a second time? Those who have already voted appear to be solidly favoring John Kerry for President. However, events already urgently warn us that the same forces that stole the 2000 election are going for a replay. This time, however, many more eyes and cameras are watching. Intense anger lurks just below the surface among Democrats disenfranchised by the 2000 election cheating at all levels. If it happens again in 2004, it appears that it will not go down as easily.

Major corporate media lapdogs aided and abetted the 2000 election theft by playing Three Monkeys, but this time one wonders if they will be able to so easily bury it with their silence if millions of angry Democratic voters are noisily making their demands heard over and over in all parts of the country.

Enter No Stolen Elections!, an emergency response coalition of activist groups vowing immediate non-violent protest in the event of the appearance of another election theft. No doubt, other coalitions would arise as time passed.

If you feel that a second election theft must not go unchallenged by rigorous dissent and that it is time for your voice to be heard also, then you may wish to lend your support to their continuing effort or become an involved activist yourself.

Explore their website. Click on the logo above for a beginning link.